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Awards Results  April  2016

Bach Primary:  Brigitte O’Neil    Bouree from Overture in the French Style B minor  (Tatyana Pikayzen)

Bach Junior:  Lorelai Lee Swanek- Prelude and Fugue in F#Major (BWV 858)  (Rosanne Lee)

Bach Senior:  Annling Wang- Prelude and Fugue in G minor (WTC Bk 1)  (Svitlana Fiorita)

French Impressionist Primary:  Georgia Keller- The Little White Donkey and Giddy Girl from Histoires- Ibert (Yoshi Akimoto)

French Impressionist Junior:  Ava Turner- Jardin Sous la pluie from Estampes  Debussy (Edith Sullivan)

French Impressionist Senior:  Luke Wang- L’Isle joyeuse- Debussy  (Edith Sullivan)

Chopin Primary:  Ulysses Squitieri- Nocturne in Eb Major Op.9 No. 2  (Dorothy Grimm)

Chopin Junior:  Alexandra Maskoff- Variationes Brillantes  Op 12  (Tatyana Pikayzen)

Chopin Senior:  Luke Wang- Scherzo No. 3 in C#minor  Op.39  (Edith Sullivan) and Jonathan Lam- Scherzo No. 1 Bminor Op. 20 (Olga Stelman)  TIED

The AWARDS RECITAL WILL BE SATURDAY NIGHT 7pm April 9 at the Emmanuel Episcopal Church.  It would be wonderful if our piano teachers would encourage their students to attend – 

Many Thanks to Sandra Murphy, Nancy Weber, Rhea Farbman and Edith Sullivan who made this event possible,


The Schubert Club Awards Competition was held on Saturday, April 2 and showed off the talent of many wonderful young people.  The Bach Award, donated by Penny Mardoian, featured in the Primary section:  Benjamin Wu, Brigitte O’neil and Timothy Chen.  The Junior Bach section featured Jillian Belluck and Lorelai Lee Swanek.  Playing in the Senior section were:  Gyan Singh Maria, Luke Wang Bhaskar Abhiraman and Annling Wang.

The French Award was donated by Sandra Shaw Murphy and her sister, Karen Shaw in memory of their mother, Juliette Shaw, who loved French impressionist music.

Participating in the Primary section were Ian Chow, Tiffany Ling, Georgia Keller and Timothy Chen.  The Junior section saw:  Alexandra Maskoff, Olivia Beniston, Daniel Lu and Ava Turner.  Participating in the Senior section were Kayla Zhang, Abigail Chow, Bhaskar Abhiraman and Luke Wang.

The Chopin award was donated in memory of Deb Kahan, a hard working, admired and much loved member of the Schubert Club who passed away September 2015.

The entrants at the primary level were:  Andrew Makoff, Lauren Lindsey and Ulysses Squitieri.  Entering the Junior level were:   Alexandra Maskoff, Riana Soliven, Ozzie Tang and Daniel Lu.  The Senior level included:  Connor Ashton, Abigail Chow, Christian Evens, Jonathan Lam, Bhaskar Abhiraman, Luke Wang and William Yin.

The winners of each level will perform on Saturday evening April 9 at 7 pm at the Emmanuel Episcopal Church.  It promises to be a wonderful evening, especially for students to attend.

It’s truly amazing to see what other young people have accomplished and will hopefully inspired more practicing and higher goals.

A special thanks to Russell Hirschfield and Joshua Pierce who judged the entire day.

There were no entrants this year for the Schubert Club Achievement Award, formerly known as the Koeffler Award.

Be sure to check out the “Awards Competition” rules posted on the home page of our website to help you prepare your students for next year!



Linda Maranis will now be sending out all the club communications.  If you need something sent out- please forward your announcement to her. Lmaranis@optonline.net.   Rhea will not be doing this anymore.

The venue for the Concert Lecture Series has been changed. Friday April 22-  Dr; Azusa Ueno will now appear at Steinway Piano Gallery, 501 Westport Ave, Ct.  9:45 coffee  10:00 lecture/performance. 

The next Wendy Tisch Memorial Concert will feature Frederic Chiu- please save the date:  Saturday, November 19th, 2016- Greenwich Library 7:30.

The rules are changing for the “Koffler Award” for next year.  It is no longer called  he “Koffler”- it is now called the Schubert Club Achievement Award.  The award will now be open to High School Juniors and Seniors, a change from just being available to Seniors.  The prize wil be $500.  We will be posting the rule changes for next year on our website- just thought you should all have a head’s up and help you students prepare.

Richard Tisch will be resigning from his position as Vice President.  Although the VP doesn’t do much, it would be a nice opportunity to join the board and get to know the workings of the club.

Luncheon/Annual Meeting:  Save the date- 10 am-1 pm  Lunch and Program  Emmanuel Episcopal Church, 285 Lyons Plain Rd. Weston.   Members- free.   Guests -free.   Hope you will join us.

Volunteer needed:  Musical Services used to be one of our biggest activities and an opportunity for performance.  Justine Macurdy still helps with opportunities for singers- but so many more people ought to be taking advantage of the opportunity to perform.  We do need someone to coordinate it all.  


Questions, Suggestions, – all welcome!
Wendie Grossman, President