WHY THE SCHUBERT CLUB?          I believe the Schubert Club fills an important role for people who love music.  It brings people together to create collaborative works- duets, duo piano concerts, the chorale.  It provides a vital forum for musicians to meet each other and make music together.

I believe that music is as vital to one’s soul as food and sky and beauty and love.  The Schubert Club allows professionals, amateurs and music lovers to come together in a supportive environment and be challenged and grow.     We make wonderful joyous music.  There aren’t any critics- nobody is getting paid- we do it because we love to do it.  Where else does this happen so readily?

I believe the Schubert Club provides an important service by providing children a way to map their achievements and progress from year to year.   The Young Musicians Festival functions as a well oiled machine with SC volunteers donating hundreds of hours to make it work .  The Awards program and the Juniors provide and additional opportunities for children and  teens to mark their achievement and progress.

I believe that our educational forums are first rate, and ought to be better attended.

I believe that I have been greatly blessed and now I have the  time and the energy to” give back.”  The way I have chosen to give back is to support music and musicians and musical education and the Schubert Club.  Being president isn’t work, it’s fun.  I work with wonderful people, we make things happen, we help each other out- and I can’t get fired.

If you believe that this club adds something special to your life then we need you to get involved beyond the fun stuff.   Remember the old hokey pokey dance- first you put one foot in, then the other – and pretty soon you’re doing the dance.  We need evolving leadership- we need new ideas and fresh directions.  We need the next generation of leaders to hang out with us, to learn what has gone before and to lead us into the future.

We certainly need a Treasurer.  Right now, I am both treasurer and President and it against the bylaws.  We need a real treasurer to write occasional checks.  We will help you…is there anyone out there who isn’t terrified of numbers.

We need someone to help publicize the activities of our club.ne  We have so much to offer the public- if they only knew.

We need someone to manage YMF- a chairperson…it’s now shared with Sandra Murphy and Jill Telesco.  It’s an amazing event- it does need someone to be in charge.

We could use someone to coordinate refreshments at the Performers.  It could be much more efficient than it is, and a lot less work for Sylvia.

We need someone who’s comfortable with all the new technology and can get us on Facebook and twitter and all the new things that I don’t understand or know how to use.

We could use someone who knows something about writing grants- there is money out there to support the arts.  If we don’t ask, we won’t get.  We could get support for YMF or the Schubert Club as a whole-

As you must all know, our enormous Mason Hamlin, which has sat unused for the past 9 years, will have a new home at the Emmanuel Episcopal Church in Weston.  I hope that we have many wonderful club activities there and we develop a more cohesive club.  It’s a wonderful space for student recitals and vocal concerts- and for piano concerts.  If you are chairman of a committee, please get your request for dates into Rhea early because other musical organizations are very interested in the space as well.

Think about a bit more volunteering- this organization is too good not to succeed!  Wendie Grossman