Welcome to the Schubert Club of Fairfield County Website


Our 9 foot Mason Hamlin and the beautiful concert hall at the Emmanuel Episcopal Church in Weston can be used for your student concerts. Please contact Rhea Farbman to get your special rate as a Schubert Club member.

The parking lot is now paved, the hall holds over 200 people, there is plenty of space to set up for refreshments- The cost of the hall for four hours and the custodian is $150.   There are only a few weekends at the end of the year- please reserve your space now.

The Bylaws specify that a member can serve two terms as president- and my two terms- four years- will be up in June.  If you know of anyone who might want to serve as the next president, please contact Sylvia Corrigan, who is head of the search committee.  Our club is in excellent shape and our mission is evolving with the times and interests of our members-  It’s time for someone else to take over the leadership.


Please check out the dates for the Awards and YMF competitions- applications are due soon.  The information and application forms are now available online.  Many thanks to Edith Sullivan, who is now the new chairperson for the Awards Competition.  

The Koffler Award is now known as the Schubert Club Achievement Award and is now open to High School Juniors as well as High School Seniors.  Again, please check the yearbook and the website for Awards Competition information.