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At our last board meeting, we discussed how we would love someone to take over Musical Services.  We used to have a widespread presence at senior centers and assisted living places- but that position is no longer actively maintained.

Justine Macurdy has a list of her contacts for the Singers, and Julie Statius-Muller keeps some contacts for the Chorale, but we really could use a SC member who would be our liason for the pianists, singers, lecturers and anyone else who would like the opportunity to perform at these places.

This is a position that can be taken care of from home- it just needs someone who is organized.

We don’t charge for our musical programs, but we are very grateful if a donation is made.  Since we are a 501 c 3 organization, I think it is very important that we never loose site of the fact that our non profit status rests on our ability to give to the community- education for the young, lectures, opportunities for performance, and performances for Seniors.  It’s really a win-win situation.  We get to perform, we give back to the community and it all works out well.

Just a couple of other notes:

The Emmanuel Church is working out extremely well.  Please make your arrangements to use the church hall and our piano  through Rhea Farbman.    Please do not call the church directly- it ‘s really too much for their limited staff to handle.  We have several events there, including a lecture about Betty Jones and her career- the date will be announced in an email– and many SC teachers have their year end  student recital there.  How many kids get to play on a 9 foot Mason Hamlin, which now sounds and plays extremely well. TheYMF harp event will also take place there

We are now planning for the Wendy Tisch concert- Saturday, November 19, 2016 with Frederic Chiu.  If anyone has contacts with any of the local press- the newspapers, Moffley magazines, Hearst publications, WSHU-  Please let me know.  We could certainly use some well placed contacts in getting the word out- which is a lot harder than I thought it was.  Even one lead would be extremely helpful.

I will be maintaing this part of the club website much more actively.  If you have news, please send me an email.

This Friday, January 29,  Shari Weisz will present Pavel Gintov and a presentation about Scriabin:  Steinway Piano Gallery   9:45 coffee  10 am lecture.

T here is no charge for members- these lectures are really wonderful.  We have about 25-30 attendees at each lecture- but there should be more!

I’ve been told that nobody reads the website… if you do- drop me an email and say Hi !

Wendie Grossman, President of the Schubert Club






Holiday wishes for you- Peace, Joy, Health and More Beautiful Music.


Schubert Club member, Jenny Ong greets Awadagin Pratt with her piano students, Dylan Wetfeldt, Emir Beg and her son, Julian Wang. On the left is Richard Tisch, benefactor of the Wendy Tisch Memorial Concerts.

Jenny wrote “It was a wonderful night to hear Awadagin Pratt play last night. My students and I always look forward to celebrate Wendy’s Memorial concert to keep her memory alive through the gift of fine piano music. Here is a picture for keepsake. And thank you all for this gift of music to our community. All my kids and their parents enjoyed last nights’s event.”