Welcome back from the Holidays!

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday and hope that the New Year will be full of good things for all.

I have several important goals for this year..

Create a budget for all departments and events that insures the future viability of the club.  We have developed a culture where people spend what they’ve been used to spending, bills are submitted, bills are paid- and at the end of the year, we add it all up and hope for the best.. This past year we were $6600 short.  We can’t do that for very long.

Engage more people in the care of the overall club.  We have an amazing core of people that do the lion’s share of the work, but in any organization, people leave, move, move on, – and we need new people to care how the club functions and what projects are important to us as teachers, musicians, and performers.

Develop more publicity for our wonderful events.  Nancy Weber did an amazing job for the Tisch Concert.  We need someone to step forward and see that the events of the Schubert Club are publicized.

We need an accompanist for the Chorale.  Is there anyone who can sight read and become involved with our chorale.  Julie Statius Miller has relied heavily on Alma, but it involves more time than Alma can donate.  Miriam Orr led the chorale for over twenty five years- we need someone who can help keep this wonderful group of singers on key for a long time.

We need people to help with Hospitality:  hospitality for the Tisch Concert, the annual meeting, the performers.  This can be a group of people.. Do you like to plan, organize, present food?Do you love to see people gathered around a lovely table, sharing a well planned post concert table of refreshments?    We need you!!!!!   This is a fun job- and it involves coordinating,  being involved with other people.  It’s a great way for new members to meet people.

Do you love numbers- we should have a finance committee that keeps our soon to be implemented budget in line..

Our next board meeting is January 13, 2014 at the Christ and Holy Trinity Church in Westport- 55 Myrtle Avenue.  10 am.  Everyone is welcome to attend.  We would be well served with new ideas, new energy, and new faces.

Our refurbished Mason Hamlin is now in the hall at the Fish Church in Stamford.  We will be having a winter meeting in late February or early March.  If you would like to be part of the program, please contact Sylvia Corrigan.


Wendie Grossman, President  203 750 8855