President’s Letter

We are coming to the end of the 2013-14 season and I want to make sure everyone knows about and will attend our ANNUAL MEETING this Friday, June 6th- 10am-1 at the Wilton Library.  We have an exceptional program of musical entertainment and a free lunch!  Can’t beat that…..We would like to have an approximate count for lunch, so please email me at if you are coming. If you didn’t RSVP, come anyway.  Guests, friends, prospective members, significant others are also welcome.

Our ANNUAL DUES are now “due”.  Linda Maranis has sent out renewal forms by email and will soon send out paper forms to those members who don’t use email.  We will also have the forms available at the Annual Meeting.  We are not using the Schubert Club Website for registration, and we are not using Paypal.  If you do not respond by July 15, you will not be included in the Yearbook- We’re not being mean- that’s in our Bylaws.    Please check last years Yearbook and email any changes, omissions, mistakes to Wendie Grossman – or Linda Maranis:
Life members do not need to send in a form unless there is a change in the information to be included in the yearbook.
We have increased the dues slightly, and reduced the number of categories.  Like everyone else, our expenses have gone up and while we have made a tremendous effort to reduce expenses, some are unavoidable.  If the dues are a hardship for anyone, please contact me.  Many Seniors are struggling with skyrocketing property taxes, electricity, heating oil and water expenses.  Your information will be kept confidential.
Our fiscal year ends June 30.  If any department chair have bills to submit, it must be done before June 30.
IMPORTANT NOTICE TO DEPARTMENT CHAIR- I am updating the calendar section of the yearbook and Linda is updating the membership section.  Please send updated information about performance dates, changes in personnel and information about location to Wendie or Linda.
And the best news for last:  SAVE THE DATE!….Angela Hewitt is going to perform at the Wendy Tisch Memorial Concert on Saturday evening, November 22, 2014 at 7:30 at the Greenwich Library/Cole Auditorium.  We have a hard working committee that is ironing out the details.  Linda Maranis will be selling tickets and Kate Humphrey will be tracking everything.  Deb Kahan will again produce the tickets and the programs.  Nancy Weber is working on the publicity and Richard Tisch is figuring out how to pay for everything.  Elizabeth Porter has done an amazing job of bringing Angela Hewitt here and Sandra Murphy has supplied us with well needed wisdom about putting on a performance.  If anyone wants to work on the hospitality committee, I believe Margie Katz has agreed to head that committee-( which may be news for Margie Katz!!..)
I wish you all a healthy, safe summer.  I will be having additional back surgery in the next few weeks to correct a persistent problem and hope to be back next fall, full throttle with two good legs.  Your good wishes, patience and prayers have been most appreciated.
Wendie Grossman, President of the Schubert Club
June 1, 2014