Wendy Tisch Memorial Concert

Concert will be held in the beautiful auditorium at:

Saxe Middle School
468 South Avenue
New Canaan, CT 06840

​Wendy J. Tisch was an exceptionally talented pianist as a child, winning a state-wide piano competition in New Jersey and was rewarded with a recital in Carnegie Hall on her 10th birthday. She received a Bachelor of Arts Degree in music followed by a degree in law. When her son Alex was born, she returned to the classical music she loved and was a devoted piano teacher for over 20 years. Wendy was very active in the Schubert Club. She loved teaching the piano to children, and she loved playing the piano. After her passing in 2012, her husband Richard has entrusted the Schubert Club to present a concert with a world class pianist each year to honor her memory and to give people the opportunity to hear the most accomplished pianists of our time.

Members of the Tisch Concert Committee:
Richard Tisch, Moira Schur Craw, Wendie Grossman,
Kate Humphrey, Linda Maranis, Penny Mardoian,
Sandra Murphy, Elizabeth Porter, Frances Jefferey