Download 2017 Awards Package (For Teachers Only)

Schubert Club Awards Adjudication Form

Chairman Edith Sullivan 203-746-1956


March 4, 2017 Application due date
Saturday April 1, 2017 9:30 to 6:00 pm Competition
Saturday April 8, 2017 7:00 to 9 pm Awards Concert

The Competition and Concert will be held at :
Emmanuel Episcopal Church, 285 Lyons Plain Road,
Weston, CT

To be eligible to participate in the Awards Program, a student must study with a teacher who is a paid-up member of the Schubert Club as of September 30th of the current year.

There are three levels of competition within each category. Students may participate in more than one category at the appropriate level. Student age is determined as of the date of the competition. If a student wins first place in a level, he must wait until he is old enough to move up to the next level of the competition.

Primary level 11 years and under 6 minutes or less
Junior level 12 to 14 years 8 minutes or less
Senior level 15 years and older 11 minutes or less

Teachers: Please keep your student’s performance time within the suggested limits. It is preferable for a student to play one piece, or from a group of pieces that relate to each other. All first place winners are expected to perform in the Awards Concert.

The J.S. Bach Award was established by Penny and Arthur Mardoian.
The Deborah Kahan Chopin Award has been established in memory of Deborah Kahan.
The Juliet Shaw French Piano Awards, established by Sandra Shaw Murphy and Karen Show in memory of their mother, is for outstanding performance of impressionist or twentieth century French music.

(formerly known as the Koffler Award)

This award has its own special rules and requirements. It carries a prize of $500 which is awarded at the discretion of the judges. There may be years when the award is not given if the judges deem the performance insufficient to merit the award.


This award is open to high school Juniors and Seniors who study with Schubert Club teachers who are paid up members of the Schubert Club as of September 30, 2016.

The student must have participated in a Schubert club event (Awards, Festival, Junior Recital) for two of the previous three years.

Performance: The piece, or pieces performed, should be at college entrance level. Performance time is 30 minutes.

To the teachers entering students: This event is a challenging one to organize and execute. Please volunteer to help out in some capacity. Please contact Edith Sullivan to offer your assistance.